What Inspired Johego?

Although it’s impossible to identify everyone and everything that inspired us to start Johego, it definitely involved free coffee and donuts.

Coffee (Not Pictured: Donuts)
Coffee (Not Pictured: Donuts)

After church one Sunday morning, I decided to stick around for free coffee and donuts. Little did I know that I would witness a conversation that would change my life:

Over the course of a few minutes, an elderly man introduced himself to a haggard stranger, patiently inquired about his needs, and effortlessly directed him to various facilities where he could get a hot shower, a warm meal, and other assistance. It was clear that the elderly man had been active in his community for a long time, and that the knowledge he shared was able to improve his neighbor’s life in a very meaningful way. It was also clear that I wanted to possess such knowledge myself.

Unfortunately, such valuable information can be incredibly hard to obtain and even harder to keep up-to-date. Johego was created to make this process easier, so that everyone with a smartphone can be empowered to become agents for positive change in their communities.

– Michael

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