Building Johego: Purpose

In a previous post, we discussed an article from Harvard Business Review, which identified four essential elements of a successful social movement. In this post, we will focus on the first of these elements as it relates to Johego: clarity of purpose.

In the most general sense, the purpose of Johego is to make it easier for people to become more constructively engaged in their communities, so that more people participate in activities that strengthen their communities. We believe that our smartphone application will do just that. Here’s how:

First, our app will make it easier to directly help people in need. By leveraging publicly available databases, we will provide users with a directory of social service providers — from food banks to job training centers — so that, with the tap of a few buttons, users will be able to find nearby services, review testimonials about their quality and availability, then refer members of their community to those providers that meet their needs.

Second, by leveraging social media and other platforms, our app will make it easier to find formal volunteer opportunities that match users’ interests. It will also enable users to rate the quality of their various volunteer experiences, and it will even allow them to schedule their own events with friends or with the general public.

Finally, our app will make it easier for researchers and advocacy groups to study the nature of poverty in their communities. The app will confidentially record the time, location, and nature of social service referrals and volunteer events created with the app. Such data will enable service providers to target their efforts with an unprecedented level of precision.

It is our hope that, taken together, these innovations will empower and inspire greater participation in activities that help build stronger communities. Be sure to stay tuned for discussions on why this is so important, and how we plan to accomplish our goals.

– Michael

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