Michael Kehoe

Michael Kehoe, PE

Michael Kehoe is the Board Chair and Executive Director of Johego. In these capacities, he is responsible for implementing strategic objectives developed by the Board of Directors.

While working on a water and sanitation assessment in Sierra Leone, Michael became interested in how to more effectively coordinate the efforts of individuals and organizations working in the public interest. By founding Johego, he hopes to improve social service delivery throughout the United States, using big data and mobile technology to streamline the collection, curation, and delivery of information concerning the availability and quality of public resources.

Michael earned a BS with honors from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and an MS from Stanford University. Prior to working on Johego full-time, he was a senior staff engineer for an environmental consulting firm, where he gained licensure as a professional engineer and worked on iPad applications for field data collection, among other projects.

In his free time, Michael enjoys exploring St. Louis, meeting new people, and reading as much as he can.