Darren Jackson

Darren is serving as a Peer Advisor to Johego’s Executive Director, Michael Kehoe. In this role, Darren helps Michael identify and prioritize actions to achieve Johego’s strategic objectives.

Darren is the Co-Founder of Create a LOOP (“LOOP”), a St. Louis-based nonprofit organization that exists to equip kids to code and bridge the digital divide. At LOOP, Darren uses a variety of curricula to teach kids grades 3rd-12th-grade core computer science skills through HTML, Javascript, Java, Swift and other programming languages, in order to improve their problem-solving skills, social skills, and computational thinking skills.

Darren has spent over a decade working to empower children to reach their highest potential. He’s helped to develop multiple clubs, camps, and programs across the country that have equipped children and young adults become leaders in their communities. He and his wife, Danielle Jackson, launched the first LOOP club in 2016 serving 30 clubbers across St. Louis.