Darren Jackson

Darren is serving as a Peer Advisor to Johego’s Executive Director, Michael Kehoe. In this role, Darren helps Michael identify and prioritize actions to achieve Johego’s strategic objectives.

Darren is the Co-Founder of All Black Creatives, an organization focused on connecting, inspiring, and empowering Black and Brown creatives throughout the globe. Recent activities have included an Instagram-sponsored micro-conference about how to use Instagram to grow your brand and business, a partnership with Bumble to produce a Friends-giving for creative and entrepreneurial women of color, and a “Black Inc.” micro-conference in partnership with Google to provide an exclusive brand development masterclass to our creatives.

Previously, Darren was the Co-Founder of Create a LOOP (“LOOP”), a St. Louis-based nonprofit organization that exists to equip kids to code and bridge the digital divide. At LOOP, Darren uses a variety of curricula to teach kids grades 3rd-12th-grade core computer science skills through HTML, Javascript, Java, Swift and other programming languages, in order to improve their problem-solving skills, social skills, and computational thinking skills.