Solidarity with Texas

Hurricane Harvey is an unprecedented disaster for the United States.

“Just how unprecedented is this? Well, remember the flooding that New Orleans experienced with Hurricane Katrina? Most places saw about 10 to 20 feet of water thanks to levee failure, inundating about 80 percent of the city. Now, if we took the amount of rainfall that Texas has seen and spread it over the city limits of New Orleans, it would tower to 128 feet in height — roughly reaching as high as a 12-story office building.”
The Washington Post, 08/27/17

Hurricane Harvey is particularly catastrophic for the poor.

“While many South Texans evacuated North per the recommendation of Governor Greg Abbott, poorer or disabled residents may not have had the resources or the capability to follow that advice. Many undocumented immigrants, as well, may have chosen to stay behind because Border Patrol refused to suspend its checkpoints during the storm. (The governor did affirm, however, that shelters will be exempt from immigration enforcement.) Some inmates were evacuated, while others are weathering the storm in place.

“Within cities, poor communities of color often live in segregated neighborhoods that are most vulnerable to flooding, or near petrochemical plants of superfund sites that can overflow during the storm. This is especially true for Houston—a sprawling metropolis, where new development has long been spreading thinly across prairie lands that help absorb excess rainwater. And it’s long been understood that the city is unprepared to handle the effects of a storm as unprecedented as this one.”
The Atlantic, 08/27/17

Johego is asking you to help with Hurricane Harvey relief and recovery.

If you want to donate money (or blood) to the Red Cross, you can do so here:

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Another initiative to support is the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund set up by Global Giving, here:

Donate to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

I’m donating 1% of my annual salary from Johego to assist with disaster relief and recovery, and I’m asking you to thoughtfully consider making a contribution to Hurricane Harvey relief and recovery efforts that is substantial and significant to you as well.

– Michael

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