Johego is helping nurses, police officers, and other public servants more efficiently connect people in need with social and medical services.

Historically, connecting people in need with social and medical services has been far too difficult and expensive.

  • Nurses, case managers, and other public service professionals typically rely on word of mouth recommendations (88%), online search engines (75%), and printed paper directories (58%) as primary sources of information about social and medical services.
  • Using these resources, it takes 43 minutes on average to connect just one person with just one service, leading to inefficient and, in some cases, ineffective care.
  • Such inefficacy is harmful to those in need and those who serve them: a feeling of professional inefficacy is one of three primary dimensions of burnout, a widespread occurrence among nurses and social workers.

This problem persists because public service professionals lack access to sufficiently comprehensive and reliable information, which can be prohibitively expensive to collect.

  • Benetech, a MacArthur Genius-led nonprofit technology company, estimates that it costs as much as $140 to collect and verify information about just one social or medical service provider, such as an overnight shelter or mental health treatment facility.
  • However, Johego has developed an innovative data pipeline to collect and verify information about social and medical services that is 95% more efficient than traditional methods.

Through our software on iOS, Android, and the Web, Johego is able to help public service professionals connect their clients with social and medical services 70% more quickly than traditional methods.

  • Our app enables users to search for nearby social and medical services, filter results based on their clients’ needs (e.g. hours of operation, financial requirements), and pass along essential information about such services to their clients.
  • Users of our app have been able to refer their clients to social and medical services within 13 minutes on average, saving around 30 minutes per referral on average.

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