Johego has developed a streamlined data pipeline to collect, verify, and share information about social and medical services that is 95% less expensive than traditional methods.

Traditional methods for collecting information about social and medical services cost as much as $140 per provider.

  • Maintaining large or detailed directories is logistically challenging and expensive: fundamentally, the only way to reliably verify information about a service provider is by asking them directly, typically via a phone call.
  • Freely shared information experiences free-rider pressures, and paywalled information competes with “free” resources (e.g. word-of-mouth recommendations, online search engines, and paper directories), resulting in the inefficient status quo.

Johego replaces data entry with data engineering, reducing costs by 95%. Here’s how:

Johego Data Pipeline Overview v3

Compared to traditional methods, this process saves money in three key ways:

  • By aggregating online government databases and leveraging cloud communication technologies, Johego can minimize the number and duration of calls made to service providers.
  • By streamlining call scripts and funneling survey respondents to categorical answers, Johego can minimize the amount of data post-processing required per call.
  • By working exclusively with a marketplace of remote, freelance workers with well-documented records of success, Johego can reliably secure competitive labor rates for high quality work.
Johego Data Collection Cost Comparison

Johego wants to partner with you to help make the social safety net more efficient and effective.