Johego has developed a streamlined data pipeline to collect, verify, and share information about social and medical services that is 95% less expensive than traditional methods.

Replacing Data Entry with Data Engineering

For organizations publishing information about social and medical services, there is a direct relationship between quality and cost: fundamentally, the only way to reliably verify information about a service provider is by asking them directly, typically via a phone call made by in-house personnel, then manually updating a master list. One can incentivize volunteers for such efforts, but each ultimately requires paid, internal oversight.

Instead, Johego writes code to automatically aggregate various online government databases, then addresses any resultant data gaps and discrepancies using “human-in-the-loop” data processing. The latter involves paying remote, freelance workers to call social and medical service providers, ask questions using a script, and submit answers through an online form. Compared to traditional methods, this process saves money in three key ways:

  • By aggregating online government databases and leveraging cloud communication technologies, Johego can minimize the number and duration of calls made to service providers.
  • By streamlining call scripts and funneling survey respondents to categorical answers, Johego can minimize the amount of data post-processing required per call.
  • By working exclusively with a marketplace of remote, freelance workers with well-documented records of success, Johego can reliably secure competitive labor rates for high quality work.

Developing Customized Software

Johego has designed, developed, and published smartphone and web applications to help nurses, social workers, police officers, and other public servants more efficiently connect people in need with social and medical services, such as overnight shelter and mental health treatment. As a lean, mission-driven technology company, Johego is able to support a robust set of software features:

You may download Johego’s free smartphone application on iOS and Android, here:

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Delivering Results

In May 2017, supported by a $4,732.26 contract with Families and Communities Together, Johego released Version 1.0 of our software in six counties in Northeast Missouri, resulting in the following:

Johego Version 1.0 by the Numbers

In November 2018, thanks to a $270,000 contract with Missouri Foundation for Health, Johego released Version 2.0 of our software, expanding to 18 additional counties in Northeast, Central, and Southwest Missouri and adding the following features:

As people use our software to search for social and medical services, we confidentially and anonymously record the time, location, and nature of such inquiries, resulting in unprecedented real-time monitoring of social needs. In the longer term, such data will enable us to predict when and where particular services will be needed most.

What has the feedback been like from the community?

“Thank you for your dedication! We’re all very excited with how it turned out and I look forward to the growth of this project.” — elder care professional (Hannibal, MO)

“Thank you for all of your work on the community resource guide. It will be so nice to have this at our fingertips when we are trying to help our patients! We discussed the app at the Hannibal Alliance for Youth Success meeting this morning and I downloaded it.” — healthcare professional (Hannibal, MO)

“As a medical social worker in a busy emergency department, I am constantly asked for resources for patients. However, due to the nature of my work I have very little time to investigate the resources I am providing. Johego’s app would be extremely helpful as it would have all of the resources in one place, as well as real time reviews and information about the agencies and the services they provide. Johego’s app will make me feel more confident in the information I am providing.” — professional social worker (St. Louis, MO)

“I am using your APP frequently in the presentations for our local rural community and schools. We are in a very small rural county with limited resources or limited listing of resources so your app has been the perfect too to use and advertise as an easy way to get to the resources our community needs. I want to get it out to everyone- so they can use it!” — maternal and child health professional (New London, MO)

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