Johego is pleased to announce an opportunity for you to make money from home while helping people in need:

  • Easy Work: Call a social service provider and ask them questions about their services: hours of operation, etc.
  • Good Pay: You get paid for each phone call you complete, with typical pay rates around $12.50/hour.
  • Flexible Hours: You can complete the work at any time between 8AM-5PM Central.
  • Bonuses:
  • If you complete 20 phone calls in a day, you earn a $5 bonus.
  • If you complete 100 phone calls in a week, you earn a $20 bonus.
  • If you sign up and refer a friend who completes at least 20 phone calls, you earn a $10 bonus.

All you need is a phone and a computer! These opportunities will not be available forever, so please sign up today!

Please note that our work opportunities are currently available to all US-based workers except for those in the following states: California, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Washington.

How to Get Started — in Three Easy Steps

Step #1: Do you already have an account with

  • If YES, go directly to Amazon Mechanical Turk.
  • If NO, go first to, hover your mouse over “Account & Lists” in the top menu, click on “Start here.” and follow the prompts. It can take a few days for Amazon to approve your account.

Once you’ve set up your account with, go to Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Step #2: Sign in to Amazon Mechanical Turk using your credentials, enter “Johego” in the top search bar, and click “Accept & Work” to accept your first assignment. If you do not see any Johego work opportunities, that means that the current batch of assignments has been claimed already, so please check back at a later date for a new batch.

Step #3: If you’re planning on taking advantage of the referral bonus program, let us know by emailing Johego’s data engineer Krushna Kamtekar at Otherwise, there is no need to email us to get started.

student worker for Johego

That’s it! The information you collect will be used by social workers, police officers, and other public servants to connect people in need with social and medical services — so on behalf of Johego and those we serve, thank you for your support!