Johego Secures First Customer

I’m delighted to announce that Johego is partnering with Families and Communities Together (FACT), a coalition of social service agencies in and around Hannibal, MO. FACT’s collaborative programs are focused on increasing the number of:

  • adults working,
  • children and youth succeeding in school,
  • healthy children and families,
  • young children ready to enter school,
  • children safe in their families and families safe in their communities, and
  • youth prepared for productive adulthood.

In order to support their programs, FACT is paying Johego to, among other things, expand our directory to include social services in and around Hannibal and to train local social service professionals to access the directory through Johego’s smartphone application on iOS and Android, by the end of April 2017.

We are tremendously excited about this opportunity. Thank you to The Mission Center and Health Literacy Media for helping make this possible!

– Michael Kehoe

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