Welcome to the Healthy Hannibal initiative!

This initiative is sponsored by Missouri Foundation for Health and led by Health Literacy Media, Johego, and The Mission Center in order to improve health outcomes in and around Hannibal, MO — with a particular emphasis on improving health outcomes among vulnerable populations.

For its part, Johego has created a smartphone application for social workers, police officers, and other public servants in and around Hannibal, MO so that they may efficiently connect their communities with the services they need: food banks, overnight shelters, medical facilities, and more. You may download Johego’s free smartphone application on iOS and Android, here:


  1. Registering
  2. Searching by directory and keyword
  3. Adjusting your location
  4. Obtaining directions to a provider
  5. Identifying favorite providers
  6. Logging in and resetting passwords
  7. For more information

Note: For best performance, register your account & allow Johego to access your location while you use the app.


Adjusting your location:

Obtaining directions to a provider:

Identifying favorite providers:

Logging in and resetting passwords:

For more information:

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