Fatherhood, Johego, and the Path Forward

He arrived earlier than we expected, and he has taken longer to onboard than we anticipated, but I am nonetheless elated to introduce the newest member of the Johego family, Sami Kehoe:

For as long as I can remember, I have daydreamed about being a father (largely because of the positive example set by my father), so it probably shouldn’t have surprised me that, when I found out that my wife and I were expecting our first child, I felt as though a series of electrical switches were being flipped in my brain, changing not only the order and weight of my priorities but also how I viscerally experience the world around me. Amid a global pandemic, a multitude of refugee crises, accelerating climate change, and other challenges foreign and domestic, I am regularly reminded that many individuals and families lack efficient, reliable access to the various social and medical services and supports that are necessary to survive and thrive — and that are far too easy to take for granted.

Thus, I remain more committed than ever to help streamline and strengthen the social safety net using technology. To that end, I am grateful to build off some of our biggest accomplishments from 2019:

Now that Sami has, for the most part, begun to sleep for longer durations and with greater regularity, Johego will resume posting more frequently about our progress toward our goal of making connecting with social and medical services as easy as finding showtimes for movies. In the meantime, I want to personally thank everyone who has supported Johego over the years with your time, talent, and treasure. We could not have made it to where we are today without your support.

— Michael

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