Johego Joins Amazon Smile Program

We’re excited to announce that Johego has joined Amazon Smile, a program that enables our supporters to earn money for Johego by shopping at

Here’s how the program works:

  • While shopping through the Amazon Smile program, Johego supporters will see the exact same selection of products and prices offered regularly through
  • Whenever a Johego supporter buys a product identified as “Eligible for Amazon Smile donation”, the Amazon Smile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price to Johego.
  • So what does Amazon get out of this? At a minimum, Amazon gets a tax deduction from its donations. Ostensibly, this practice also results in greater customer loyalty and activity.

Interested in helping us out? Here’s how you can set up Amazon Smile:

  • First, click here or on the Amazon Smile image above to open Amazon Smile in a new window.
  • Then, designate “Johego” as your charity of choice. Once you’ve done this, your browser should say “Supporting: Johego” near the top of your screen, under the search bar. You only have to do this part once.

What then? Once you’ve set up Amazon Smile, here’s how you can start earning money for Johego:

  • First, make sure that every time you shop on, you first visit our Amazon Smile page. Johego will only receive a donation if you visit our Amazon Smile page right before you start shopping. I recommend bookmarking this page for easy access.
  • From there, when you purchase products identified as “Eligible for Amazon Smile donation”, this will result in the Amazon Smile Foundation sending us a donation.

It’s that easy.

If you know anyone who is a regular shopper on, please do pass along this message to them, so that they can join our efforts to help social workers, police officers, and other public servants connect vulnerable people with the services they need!

– Michael Kehoe

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